INorEX (Employment)

“Inclusion in or Exclusion from Turkish Labour Market? An Ethnographic Analysis on Syrian refugees in İzmir”

The research aims at understanding:

  1. How cultural processes tend to directly or indirectly produce and to develop material, symbolic and place-based inequality;
  2. How these processes feed into the boundary-making process towards Syrian refugees through social closure, symbolic violence or segregation;
  3. How degrees of inequality affect the nature of boundaries particularly with regards to power dynamics relations between the host population and Syrians in İzmir.

The research includes 23 semi-structured interviews with state institutions, trade unions, vocational association and unions, and Turkish employers.
Funded by: Yasar University BAP
Researcher: Selin SIVIS (University of Essex)
Scholar: Bensu ANAR (Yasar University, undergraduate student at IR)