Seminar: Harmony of EU-Turkey Relations: Da Capo?

The current state of EU-Turkey relations is scrutinized at the seminar “Harmony of EU-Turkey Relations: Da Capo?” organized at Yasar University with the participation of students and researchers.
Prof.Dr.Aylin GUNEY highlighted how the current identity politics and civilizational debate challenge the essence of European integration. She argued the need for a new theory of enlargement based on neo-functionalist ideas of Jean Monnet.
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ebru Turhan explained that only “reciprocity” functions as an enabler in EU-Turkey relations and she addressed the need for activating the drivers of credibility, communication and trust building.
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Ayselin YILDIZ argued migration as one of the few policy areas that Turkey’s Europeanization process had its concrete outcomes in terms of legislative and institutional transformation. She stressed the highly politicized area of migration as unfortunately the only issue that could challenge the political polarization in Turkey by uniting a high share of the society under the discourse of being anti-migrant. Ayselin YILDIZ also pointed out the need for “revised learning process” for the EU from the Turkey’s migration experience in terms of “what to do” and “what not to do”.